About me

Hi, my name is Mateusz Pietrek, but friends call me Pietro. I am a professional designer with head full of amazing ideas and concepts, love for artistic expression and ability to solve design problems by combining imagination with functionality.

I hold a master's degree in Digital Media and Computer Mediated Communication realized on The Dept. of Journalism and Communication at The University of Lower Silesia in Wroclaw.

During 11 years of my designing experience I had an opportunity to participate and coordinate various projects, from corporate identities, prints or digital media to graphics and UI for games and apps.

It is said that one image is worth a thousand words, so here below are a couple of my recent works as a proof of my creative potential and passion for design.

Recent realizations

:: Pirates Poker.

Graphics, animations and UI for casual poker game for Facebook and czech game portal hry.cz.

:: Craftech.

Logo, stationery and website design for Craftech - company delivering the production devices for the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industry.

:: Tile On!                                             :: Watch Tile On! promo animation.

A fun, casual picture puzzle game for iPhone. The main objective for this project was to create simple icons based navigation wraped around flat design.

:: Pearl. Language training.

Logo and stationery design for Pearl - company focused on translation services and organizing language learning courses and buissness language trainings for corporations.

:: Pojazdownia.pl

Logo, flyer and website for Pojazdownia.pl - classic cars restoration and repair experts.

:: JUGiN - the retro robot.

The neat platform game wchich I have created with Bartosz Walkowiak from Reset.pro. It is a part of our Digital Media and Computer Mediated Communication post-graduate academy project realized on Dpt of Journalism and Communication in The University of Lower Silesia (known as Dolnoslaska Szkola Wyzsza or DSW) in Wroclaw. The game demo will be available for download soon.

:: Chocko Shock

Chcoko Shock - brand concept and products visualizations. I have created this tasty doze of delicious packagings for IKS design agency.

:: RapidPro logo.

A logo for company specializing in 3d printing and modeling, particularly in Rapid Prototyping Technology.

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